Winning Back Your Dormant Players!

"If they haven’t deposited in a while on your site, they are most likely depositing somewhere else."

Throwback to 2006 pre smart phone. It’s early Saturday afternoon, and the average sports-book player is planning their allocated time needed to place their weekend wager after not getting a chance to do so over the working week.

At this point there would be a number of factors that the player would need to consider,

such as:

  • Get to the nearest bookies

  • Choose and complete their coupon

  • Receive odds on a niche type of bet

  • Queue up and place the bet at the counter

Fast forward to today, and huge progression in technology has led to the elimination of a lot of these factors and the explosion of the remote gambling sector.

"It’s so easy to gamble now that you don’t have to get out of bed or even have human contact to make sure your wager is placed."

sports betting players preferences

So what are Sports-book (SB) players really looking for?

  • Wagering based on who has the best odds Valuable players that are looking to squeeze as much out of their potential winnings as possible. It has never been easier for players to shop around for the best odds on particular sports and live events. But, careful for these types of players are married only to the best odds. We can look to build relationships with these players and incentive them to return to the site, but ultimately these types of players will have no loyalties and will choose the site with the best potential winnings for their particular wager.

  • Here for the experience The other factor which impacts a SB player’s decision on where they put their business is customer experience. Many players are looking for user friendly apps that are accessible by phone, tablet or desktop. The easier it is to navigate on the app the better. With a great service, available 24/7, ready to answer any question ASAP. Customer support is inevitable part of sports betting, just like it is with every other service.

  • Fast in play options SB players are more likely to bet during a live game. Having optimum statistics ready at hand and live updates is a plus. Some SB players will not use a Sportsbook site that lacks in providing them with live statistic updates.

  • Cash Out options Players like to have live option to cash out their bets. A player can cash out when their bets are likely to win. Operators who choose not to have cash out options are missing a large betting pool of players.

Your SB customers can come and go as the seasons, but what makes them loyal is the Sportsbook brand they trust. We can go back to the beginning of this article, where sports betting started with bookies. Players bet with people they know or been recommended to. In the online world, this connection is only recreated with customer's experience.

Does your Sportsbook site have other personal channels besides the obvious"area to deal with complaints"? How else is your brand building customer relationships?

Companies that focus on retention can help build your brand with this type of relationship by one to one communication. Reactivation calls are not pushing sales, its getting to know your players better!

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By Jason Jones

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