Revolution in Outsourcing Customer Service

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

The awareness of how important it is, to have the right customer support, is growing rapidly. The companies are significantly more concerned about what kind of care their customers are provided with. But what is really the right way of satisfying your customers?

The experience of customer support is part of the company brand awareness which as we know, plays one of the key roles in the business.

“Outsourcing customer support doesn't mean script driven call centers anymore! ”

Therefore we are bringing 5 reasons why you should consider using quality outsourced customer support.

1. While finding out the right direction of your business, outsourcing Customer Support can be a way to maintain responsive and provide high quality customer service. Whether you are experiencing a rapid growth or another big change in your organization, it is important to remain settled and steady in front of your customers.

2. Allows you to add Customer Support capacity quickly. If you are a growing company and you find yourself expanding your customer base faster than you can cover, outsourcing customer support will be your fast, efficient solution number one.

3. Flexible Support Coverage. If you are season-based business which customer support might vary throughout the year, outsourcing is a perfect match for you. You can avoid committing to a full-time hire and adding a new time-consuming responsibility to your organization. No more struggle with balancing the volume of your support team anymore. By outsourcing customer services you are saving your time on HR activities as well as your resources on on-boarding new employees.

4. In case you are inexperienced in the customer support and you want to improve your coverage or you are just starting out and lack Customer Support department in general. Outsourcing the customer support is a great way to add quality customer service to your business and educate your team as well.

Many companies provides outsourced customer service together with and additional training and consultancy on the “know-how”.

5. And as last but most important - quality customer support really adds to your customer retention. Regardless the industry you are operating in, customer loyalty programs are an integral part of an organization. Right customer care is the way leading to increasing the Customer Retention. And as we already know, loyal customers generates the major part of your future profits (up to 80%).

So, if you are still hesitating, whether or not outsource your customer service, take a look at our 96% satisfactory rate Reactivation Group is reaching monthly by our experienced Support Team. The results speaks for itself.

By Eva Zlochová

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