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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

The SiGMA 2018 Conference brought over 12,000 attendees to the event. For Reactivation Group, it was our third year attending. We would, first of all, like to take the time to thank everybody who came by our booth!

What thoughts and conclusions

do we take with us from the conference?

By far the hottest topic discussed during the 3 days was the upcoming Regulation of the Swedish market and the uncertainty the vague legislation brings the operators about offering bonuses.

The new legislation states that operators are only allowed to offer a one-time welcome bonus to players, most likely ending the era of daily bonuses and offers.

There is a high level of confusion regarding if operators will still be allowed to make offers to retain and reactivate players after they have claimed their first welcome offer. There are several different thoughts on how to adapt to these changes. Some think cashback and free money will be the new thing, others that giving lottery tickets will work best and a few still believe in free spins. While there is much speculation about how to proceed, most are waiting to see what others do and how the situation evolves.

Is nothing clear when it comes to bonuses in the new regulation?

Luckily at least one thing is:

The Swedish Gambling Authority has announced that with the new license system, every player will count as a new player in their eyes, doesn't matter if they played at the casino before while it was licensed in Malta.

This means that you as an operator will have at least one chance to offer your players, old and new, a bonus. This could be your only chance to offer a bonus and leave an impression. This brings up the fundamental question:

What is the best way to deliver the bonus to your players and make it as personal as possible?

Do you really want to risk taking the impersonal path of an SMS or email as most of your competitors will do?

Or do you want to make a lasting impression on your players, leaving them with a feeling of being a valued and listened to?

The most personal way would be to go door to door for a personal meeting, invite them to a coffee, present the offer and sit down with them. Then you could have a discussion of their likes and dislikes of the Casino or Sports Betting world. Once a player has used the welcome bonuses then they will be using other criteria will decide where to spend their money. This understanding of your players will be key to having them continue to play on your casino. This is, of course, not a realistic method.

What is the next best method for a personal contact with your players? A phone call, of course!

But, given this might be your only chance to convert or reactivate a player, the call must be done correctly. By using highly trained sales agents who can quickly establish a personal connection with the player, you can maximize the odds of a player continuing to visit your casino.

At Reactivation Group, we will take care of this crucial task for you, letting your players know you are one of the chosen ones to receive the brand-new Swedish license! Through our Reactivation Calls, we will deliver your message making each and one of your players feel like a VIP. We will then provide you the feedback from your players to help you with your future marketing strategies.

Contact us at Reactivation Group for a discussion about how to plan and execute your communication strategy and get a head start right away in 2019!

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