New Customer Support Partnership!

Reactivation Group is happy to announce our latest partnership with We are Blue Orange and their brands Karjala Casino and Agent Spinner. We will provide Customer Support for both the brands.

Adnan Maslo, CEO of We are Blue Orange, has the following to say when asked about the partnership:

Why did you choose to outsource your Customer Support? “We have chosen to outsource the part of our support which covers new markets. In order to offer full coverage for one market with our desired level of service, we need at least 5 or 6 full-time agents rotating in shifts seven days a week. When entering new markets, we do not have enough work for 5 full-time agents, so it is simply very expensive to offer our desired level of service for an unknown period of time. Reactivation Group offers us a perfect solution; by offering a wide range of languages they complement us and extend our current support in local languages where we are not able to do so ourselves.”

What are the main reasons you chose Reactivation Group as your partner? “There are many service providers in our industry that offer similar or same services as Reactivation Group, the main reason why we chose Reactivation Group is trust. Trust along with easy communication has made them an easy choice.”

Jonatan Rajala, COO at Reactivation Group, says: “We are thrilled to add 2 new brands to our portfolio of Customer Support partners, both Karjala and Agent Spinner are very interesting brands with an exciting future ahead, and we are very happy to join the journey. We are also very happy to be a part of helping them expand to new markets and provide their players 24/7 support from now on.”

Are you interested to hear more about how we can help you grow into new markets? Contact us here!

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