Another exciting Customer Support Partnership!

Reactivation Group has started yet another collaboration with a new Customer Support partner. Fairplay Casino is the latest operator to choose Reactivation Group as their Customer Support partner and to start off the focus will be on German- and English-speaking markets.

We asked Souni Breil, COO at Fairplay, about their decision process:

What were your main drivers for outsourcing the Customer Support? Doing in-house customer service properly requires twice the office space, tons of coaching, and lots of FTEs and overhead. At this point in our product life-cycle, it just makes sense to outsource that to a company with existing industry knowledge: We focus on our core competencies, they focus on theirs.

Which factors made you choose Reactivation Group for the task? We were in a hurry to find an experienced and reliable customer service partner, and Reactivation Group came out at the top of our shortlist due to their location and the fast and efficient way they arranged to meet timelines, set up the project, and get us going. Customer-centric support starts at the top, and you can tell from working with Reactivation Group that they aim to ensure a great experience for everyone.

Do you want more information about how we can help you with your Customer Support as well? Get in touch with us here!

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