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Reactivation Group Ltd board of directors is pleased to announce David Johansson as a new business partner and investor in the company.

David Johansson started in the iGaming industry with the company Touchbet in 2006, a pioneer company bringing the financial trading business into the online gaming world by specializing in providing odds for sports betting and managing the risk that originates from the end customers. After successfully growing and developing the company, Touchbet was later sold to Sporting Index Holdings Ltd in 2017 and today David holds several investments in different businesses throughout the iGaming industry.

Upon our interview with David, he provides some key insights regarding his view on the industry and what spark his interest in Reactivation Group.

“Investing in a start-up is more than just a financial transaction - its investing in people.”

What interests you when considering investing in a company?

“No matter how good the business idea might be, what matters most is the management running the company. Investing in a start-up is more than just a financial transaction - its investing in people.”

Why Reactivation Group?

“I believe that the gaming industry has a lot of potential for growth in strengthening its customer relationship, up until now the focus has always been on acquiring new players rather than retaining current or winning back lost players. I also see a growing trend for larger corporations to outsource these services to experts like Reactivation Group in order to keep full focus on their core operations.

I really feel that Reactivation Group fills these gaps on the market with their services and the management of the company and the culture they are building made me fell this is a journey I wanted to be part of.”

What are your future plans together with Reactivation Group?

“I foresee a bright future ahead for this company, there is exponential growth to cover in this industry. With their solid sales knowledge and exceptional feel for service combined with my experience in scaling companies and creating and utilizing technical solutions to develop the services we are now ready to take the next step in Reactivation Groups journey. Our aim is to be the market leader in the industry and not only provide excellent services to our partners, we want to be a part of developing the whole industry when it comes to customer communication and retention.

“We are thrilled to have David on board with us, not only due to the financial capital but mainly for the experience he brings from developing companies and the technical aspect which we feel will really strengthen our service portfolio and allow us to grow our partners businesses”. - Harpo Lilja, CEO of Reactivation Group

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